A Provincial Tone

I can not imagine how I lasted two years in a foreign land. I do not hate it though.

Short + Sweet Dubai is expanding! This year, the month-long show was held at The Junction. It’s, I think, a 300-plus-seater theater. It’s a good place for performing.


It’s a short story written by Peter Cowan in 1958 (Wattpad link) about a guy, who worked in suburban Australia, watching a family drama which centers mostly on a child’s relationship to his father. Bloody oath did I just say he’s a gossip? Lol.

The story is adapted in a 10-minute play written by Hadeel Mufti, a talented, young director who also directed the play I was in this year. She used the same title for the play, Red Backed Spiders.

I played …

A scarecrow! Kidding.

I played a character named Bluey. Who is friends with the lead (I forgot the lead character’s name). The setting of the play is in

Old Merredin Station. It’s a railway station in Merredin Town, west of Australia. I enjoyed being bluey, I played a cool guy. The kind of guy who picks his nose in public. HA HA HA.

What I loved about all of these was that I got to practice accents! I did an accent and changed my voice although it was diminished as per direction so it kind of sounded like a Texan-Bronx accent during the play.
Here are snaps of the full cast and crew:

No graphic violence intended. Photo was taken backstage for a show.

Everyone is in-character but me. Hadeel, the director and writer is the one in the middle.

During rehearsals:

⬆️ Tom Sawyer during rígor mortis LMFAO.


End note:

These photos were taken at The Junction Loo! It is bloody impeccable! Guys, whoever did this, please paint it in my place!


À la Schoeller

I think all photographs lie. They capture such a small of a person’s personality, if they capture anything.

– Martin Schoeller

10 Minute Lifetime: Good For Something

I was astounded by the idea of this existing theater organization called SHORT + SWEET, during their festivals you can watch more than 10 performances of great texture every night! Performances with completely different stories! Because everything happens in 10 minutes! Can you imagine that? Seating at the theater and the curtain closes every 10 minutes for another story, another set, another actors.

600 seconds then BAM


In sunny Dubai, it’s being held every February ( a cold Dubai month – just saying), and the experience is WOW! There were no boring performances and it’s just amazing to see how much effort everybody put in 10 minutes. It was new to me.


That’s the name of the play I was in. It was written by a philosopher, Morteza Farzaneh.

I have the hobby of googling people I will have to work with before meeting them.

The director, Nyra Constant, – an amazing woman, was not an exemption. I’ve learned from google that she’s a New Yorker ( I’ve seen a video of you Nyra, sorry) which made me excited because at that time I was on a self tutorial of how to speak like a Nu Yowkuh (stereotype) and I just simply adoooooore accents!
What made me felt more interested in the piece was the story’s location is at Wall Street! Present day.


I auditioned for the role of a Taxi Driver so I stretched my jaw back and forth before getting to the audition place hahaha. I used what I have learned from the New York accent.image

And another reason is that I just badly wanna play at DUCTAC,


A real theatre house!


With real spot lights and stuff.


Inside a fourthwall ……

I did not get the part of the Driver but the actor who played the part was impeccable! Oh boy! If only you’ve seen him (He’s the guy at the center in the photo above).

I got the part of a Korean guy


NO! No, that’s not me under make-up hahahahahaha! But, I have learned the Kor-yan(uh) accent by listening to him.

My character as I have understood was greatly affected by the Military service in Korea as it is mandated by their law. He was someone who seeks validation from other people because he’s lonely and no one appreciates what he does which landed him a career in Banking at Wall Street.


Of course, she must be there, Lady Liberty.
The lady on the right is a lovely lady called Maryam, she’s the wife of the writer and she actually painted Madamme Liberty, and she was there to make everything happened 🙂 (except the videos she was suppose to share. We’re still waiting Maryam haha just kidding). You’re cool Ma’am!


The experience was profound. I wish to be there again in the festival next year.

Here’s a remembrance:


On the left is the director, Nyra. On the right is Elizabeth, a student who was shot (hahaha) in the play; Kurt, the Taxi driver and Me, as C.J Kim, the Korean student who learned to sleep awake(uh).

As a Thespian: EAT Dubai by Angrybairds

I have accepted the fact that I am not going to be productive – as an Actor in here.

So, I just took photos everyday haha.

Until one day, I was browsing through Facebook and I saw …. image THIS! EAT Dubai? Like, is this a psycho thing again? They were looking for FILIPINO Actors for the play (yes it’s a play!) so I went to the auditions, They made me read a script.imageThey even made me sing. I didn’t know what song they noted on the audition material so I replaced the song immediately and I sang I Dreamed A Dream from Les Misérables. I think it was a … image Britney Song? Not sure. But the script was like … I am a waiter with an “invisibility cloak” so the idea was I am to be a blooper! Talk talk talk without anyone seeing me. The audition went well. The white and middle eastern guys who were there to audition too were kinda making faces at me because I was the only one they had given a script to read. They were good looking guys. I was like … image “the ugly friend”. Haha but I didn’t care. I HAD THE SCRIPT and they DID NOT …. image Mmh! Mmh! (clears throat). So after the cold reading I have seen from their reactions that they liked it but they have doubts and they asked me to do it again in a “flambouyantly gayish” way. So I did! (It wasn’t hard. I am in real life 😀 ). After that, they got my number and I left. I didn’t know that if the casting people noted your number, that would mean something good. Days past, things happened so fast I don’t even remember how they told me that I was IN! But I was there on the first rehearsal. So I made it! image Yeehy! When we had our first meeting slash cold reading, I was at work but I couldn’t miss it for the world so … up I hurried to the rendezvous. image There. I have met the lovely cast for EAT Dubai. The lovely directors and the lovely actors! The fabulous Cast and Crew. (*CLICK THE BLUE WORDS Please??) And I ate my words about the script! It was renewed and oh boy! SPLAT! IT WAS HEAVENLY! The script and the idea was amazing.

We started rehearsing 1 month before the show. 31 pages ( minus the front and the back cover). Hihihi.
And I loved the script! I will play a waiter, I thought. Well, a funny funky singing waiter.

EAT Dubai is about …. image ( Just read the press release. Too tired to type) It’s produce by The Angry Bairds Production plus, it’s an Immersive Theater Experience! Never heard? Mmh! Mmh! Immersive/ Interactive theatre is a presentational or theatrical form or work that breaks the “fourth wall” that traditionally separates the performer from the audience both physically and verbally. Which means that Actors are free to move around the audience. In cases like EAT Dubai, Actors are with the audience. Sitting, talking, moving, eating, appreciating, criticizing, joking and singing with the audience WHILE in character! Ahuh! Isn’t that challenging? It is! It was.

image That’s me in white shirt! Owwhow! image Oh boy! That oversized coat! Yes it happened over a dinner party. A cultural Emirati dinner! image ( It turned out I was not a waiter. What? I won’t give details that’s what you get from not coming to watch hahaha) ** ALL SCREENSHOTS ARE FROM AN EPISODE OF D M T V (a show you can watch from Radar) Full video HERE.

* image I’d have a lot of fun! EVERYTHING was “first time” for me. T’was my THEATER DEBUT and it was worth it! I am a certified THESPIAN now! ** PHOTO IS FROM THE DIRECTOR, THABIT AL MAWALY (c), Sir!

We were practically famous while we were doing the show. We were featured in papers and TVs and Radio channels all over Dubai. image This one is from The National: Blogs image We also had a feature in arabianbusiness.com And again from The National: Arts & Lifestyle ( I love The National now!) Read this: image Awww. That’s me! That’s me! Precious words! (Applause please!) Wait, there’s mooore! image We were also in the 7 Days Newspaper, wait .. can’t see me?? image there! Zoomed and .. oh pixelated. Wait … image Perfect! See me now? ** Photo credits to Thabit Al Mawaly, Sir! and also in Khaleej Times! Ow noaaah! It didn’t stop there .. image Yes! WhatsOn! Can you imagine that? Tsk! Tsk!

And I am very proud to have been directed by two hardworking real-artists and cool directors NINA HEIN and THABIT AL MAWALY. The both umpf(!) and swag people. I took their supervision as my training. Main thing I have learned from both of them is FINDING MY PLACE according to the place of the actors and my VOICE! Which I always have a problem with. I have learned to PROJECT MY VOICE with control. image (Did I say it right mommy??)

I do not have photos for bloopers. Buferring ….. Ok I’ve got this image Haha! I was under the influence of an evil wine slash blowjob slash gin maker. That day, the writer, Farheen Khan, also a wine fairy gave me a ride home. image Photo was after the last show. With Emma, the lead of EAT Dubai, brilliant actress and a crazy fab lady! Sorry Emmie.. image One of my favorite shot! Again, credits to Thabit Al Mawaly (c), Sir! image Props I have used as Bruce, my character. image The socks I wore! Haha. As my character of course. image This! Oh my! Lovely photo shot by a witty actress, Sophie Pâris, one of my favorites actress and favorites people. image This, while wating for the fans to vacate the space haha. Sorry Sophie dear. image This! That’s Hussein, one of the cast, a comedian I adore.


I actually found it hard at first because my goal in creating a character inside me is to totally eliminate myself! Separate my own morals and views and principles and voice and accent and manners to that of the character. BRUCE was written and made out of me. I just can’t help but change him at first. But I found my way in through his love of Meryl Streep and Music. So eventually I got tired and said, “OK the character is totally me, for real. Get over it.” and so I did. image

Dubai: Transatlantic Moment

Things, happened. My timewarp moved rapidly. Suddenly I was in Dubai– a city of Luxury.


I didn’t have plans of “ACTING” in this place. But things happened so I went with the flow.


New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi opened my mind to how little I know about Acting.


So, right after I quit attending classes at NYFA (because I needed to travel for an hour and a quarter every weeked, considering my job, the situation made it hard for me. Above is a photo of me at the office.), I have started attending casting calls. General casting calls. I update myself from pages in the oh-so-famous Facebook.



This was my first independent film ….. ever! It’s the story of George (a creep) who’s looking for ways for him to die (I know, he’s a psycho hihi).


I played the role of a Blind Man who is a part of George’s dying process. (No, the photo is not my character. I just took that at the set during the break).


The Blind Man.
This is a clip in one of my scenes.
I work with a silently-killing-the-awards director, Tanveer Sayed who’s movie was shown in VOX Cinemas in Dubai, an award winning movie called Farhaan.




That’s the comment I have received after the shoot. Isn’t that cheeeesy? It is and I love it!
Here is the trailer
George Must Die
Whats controversial is that the Film said that it supports “suicide.”

Local Experiences

These are my work credits: In THE PHILIPPINES ONE MORE CHANCE I haven’t kept a video of my first ever performance. Awww. But I have got a photo! image Diane. She is my scene partner. We did a scene from a movie called One More Chance. A Filipino movie. Translation here: Movie: One More Chance

** they were best friends. Then they become lovers. The girl chose a career over the boy and the boy already found someone. In the scene, they are working in a project, Popoy is an Engineer and Basha is an Interior Designer. Girl: Bash/Basha ; Boy: Popoy/Poy

Basha: I don’t feel bad at all, I am fine.

Popoy: Here you go again

Basha: What do you mean, here I go again?!

Popoy: That attitude! The attitude of saying you’re fine but you’re actually not.

Basha: Bu there’s really no problem.

Popoy: Bash, how can I fix the problem if you don’t wanna say it. If you don’t wanna say anything at all. image Bash: Poy, you can’t fix all problems. And believe me, you don’t wanna know what the problem is.

Popoy: Can you just tell me what the f*cking problem is?!!

Basha: Do you really wanna know???!!! ….. It’s me. The problem is me! Because it just hurts me so much even when I know I don’t have the right to feel this way! ……. I wish I could bare the pain I am feeling inside …. because I was the one who chose this, right? I was the one who wanted this … I wish I can also tell you that … …. that I am happy for you … for the both of you … I wish I can… But I can’t. I just can’t … I am a worse person. Because the truth is I’m still hoping for you to choose me .. Choose me .. Choose me again. image Popoy: I love her. Basha: I know, I know Popoy: She had me at my worst. You had me at my best. But you took everything for granted. Basha: Is that what you really think I did? I just made a choice. Popoy: And you chose to break my heart. image Photo was taken backstage. He’s Popoy from the movie. Same level of charisma, I see. Isn’t it? It was during our recital at Star Magic Workshops – Basic Acting.

ANG BABAE SA SEPTIK TANK  The Woman in the Septic Tank Click me image Jocelyn, Rainier, and Bingbong are three film school graduates who are dead set on making an Oscar-worthy film. They set out to do a quick pre-production as a courtesy call to their lead actress played by Eugene Domingo, and a thorough inspection of their film’s major location, the Payatas dumpsite. They believe they have a winning script, and the energy and drive to make their dreams come true, no matter what the cost. NO NO! No one was put in a Septic Tank when we improvised a scene from the movie. image I was the one in red. I played the part of the Director. Sitting beside me is a guest actor. His name is Martin Del Rosario. A brilliant guy. image He played the part of the Producer. And my scene partner, Jane / Papoose. image As The Great Eugene Domingo. It was a 15 minute scene from the movie. One of the best scenes of this internationally acclaimed movie. Wanna see it? Click me!! This was during our recital/ graduation of the program by Star Magic Workshops – Advanced Acting of the 12 Tools of Ivanna Chubbuck. ** I have learned a lot from Star Magic. During scene studies, every week I have tried exploring characters. I played a pervert, a gay man under a curse, and I remembered doing a monologue from the movie I Spit On Your Grave, I played a nanny in a haunted house, a playboy and a lot!

BANANA SPLIT imageThis is a gag show in the Philippines. And this was my first time on TV.

Banana Split is a comedy gag show broadcast in ABS-CBN every Saturday evening featuring Angelica Panganiban (whom I luuurve so much), Jason Gainza, and John Prats, with Pooh, Zanjoe Marudo and Ryan Bang. image Actors are behind me. I don’t even know their names hihihi. I was a neighbour of one of those ladies. image I was with one of my “conventional” friend, Rose Ann Valle Faderes, (ya, she always wants her name written completely) who starred in an indie film called POSER by Aldwin Bongao.


The series tells about Juan dela Cruz, an orphan boy who was brought up in a church by a Roman Catholic parish priest named Father Cito, who guided him towards goodness and faith upon Jesus. His devotion to Christ led Juan to refer to Jesus as “bossing” (Filipino for “boss”, due to Jesus being considered as the “shepherd”, or “boss”, and the “flock” the followers of Jesus). One day, Father Cito was killed by a thief, and Juan ends up at Lola Belen’s house in Quiapo, Manila. Unknown to him, he is half-aswang, the son of Samuel Alejandro, the Haring Aswang (King Aswang) and also the prophesied Anak ng Dilim (Child of Darkness). He is fated to rule over the Aswangs and take over the human race. However, Amelia, Juan’s mother, is a human and a Tagabantay (Guardian), coming from an ancient lineage of defenders using the Bakal na Krus (Iron Cross) to protect the humans from the Aswangs. By the time he grows up as an adult, Juan later joins the Kapatiran (Brotherhood), a group composed of people who seek to destroy the Aswangs. The group help train Juan into becoming the next Tagabantay. Later, the Engkantos and Diwatas aid Juan in his duties which seems to have a bigger and important role on the continuing conflict between the aswangs and the humans. image I played an “Aswang” (The equivalent of Vampire) Well, a modern one. image That necklace is a symbol of my being a vampire. I worked at the office of the “head Vampire” (whatever!) image I worked with a renowned Singer/Actress in the Philippines, Zsa Zsa Padilla. image With my friends, as usual, Rose and Escel. ———————————————————————– JUAN DELA CRUZ take two The TV Soap aired for a long time. The Talent’s Casting whatever didn’t noticed that I have been in the show before. So, I was called to be a TV Anchor. But shoot I didn’t get a video of me. image Photo was taken while I was enjoying all the props in the set because the show was very magical! image image I was with the creatures. Eeeeeh! image And the fairies! .. image And a brave actor called Aaron Villaflor. ** I saw a lot of green screen on the set. It’s just amazingly funny when the actors used their hands and fingers for a supposed supernatural power and nothings actually coming out but they looked so serious. I loved it!

MULING BUKSAN ANG PUSO image Muling Buksan Ang Puso (Lit. Unlock The Love Again / English: If Only) is a 2013 Philippine melodrama television series directed by Manny Q. Palo and Nuel C. Naval, starring an ensemble cast spanning three generations lead by Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil, and Julia Montes in a heart-wrenching story about the beauty and the dark side of love. image The cast was just amazing! Most are leading and premiered and veteran actors from my country. People that I look up to. image I played a Nurse. Lady on my left is Cherie Gil, a stereotyped evil antagonist in my country. My heart was pounding during the scene! I wanted to kiss her! On my right is Pilar Pilapil, a premiered actor. In the scene the baby is supposed to be dying and they are begging me to save his life (Yes! I felt proud! I mean, duh??! They begged for me haha). imageI was an actual student nurse for 2 years. For real. See that photo above, I took the photo which is why I was not there. They were my “clinical” team.

While doing all these, I have a got a day job 🙂 image With my colleagues, Rizza and Krissy.

It was not easy finding a place to do my passion in the Philippines. A place where they find “western” looking people more beautiful than their own blend (or any foreigner at all). Showbizness in the Philippines is not about talent sometimes. It’s about looks and who-do-you-know. Just being blunt. I have also faced a lot of rejections but I didn’t feel bad about it because I knew since then that REJECTION should be basic! Basic.

My Trainings

Mobile no. +639771767053
Email Address : kb_xx@outlook.com

Acting courses:

Ivanna Chubbuck Technique 2012-2013- Basic Acting


Ivanna Chubbuck Technique -2013- Advanced Acting
(In this photo, I was with Rahyan Carlos, our mentor, and a successful TV and Film Director, certified to facilitate the training for the 12 steps by the Ivanna Chubbuck Studios)

Here is a video of me during our recital on stage at StarMagic.

Here are random picks from my Star Magic Friends


Photos are during scene studies outside our class. I enjoyed it a lot!

NYFA Public Workshop 2014
image I was so excited when I was permitted to attend the NYFA Workshop



This is a photo of me at NYFA. We were trained by a world class Director; Mr. Norman Schwartz

Here is a comment I have received from him in one of the activities:
Listen To Me

The activity was a monologue from the movie, In Cold Blood, I played Perry. A man to be executed in jail because of a murder he committed. The priest asked him of any last wish.



I have been unconsciously “Acting” around people since I was a kid. I have managed to create a character of my own. A vivacious over-the-edge outspoken person who talks and talks about random things.
I am a quiet person in real life. A shy no-chin-up person. I actually hardly speak to anyone at all. I love talking about musicals and films and languages. I hate politics.